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Solupotasse is a soluble fertilizer (0-0-50 + 18 S) containing potassium sulfate. Its formula is K2SO4. It has 50% potassium from K2O and 18% sulfur from SO4

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Solupotasse is a fertilizer that may be given via sprinklers especially during winter so as to make plants resistant to cold weather due to its high percentage of potassium

and lack of nitrogen. As it contains no such hazardous elements such as chlorine, sodium or heavy metals, it may safely be used for any kind of plantations via leaves

or sprinkler systems.

As it contains no nitrogen or phosphorus, it is the only independent source of potassium when potassium free from other elements alone is needed by plants in

any stage of production. It may easily be mixed with any kind of fertilizers that contain nitrogen and phosphorus; yet it should not be used together with calcium

(Ca) containing fertilizers.