Sheep Manure ( 30 LTR )

Sheep Manure ( 30 LTR )


Martins Magic Boost Sheep Manure is an all purpose organic fertilizer suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. Martins Sheep Manure promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth. Martins Sheep Manure is screened and composted and can be used as a general fertiliser, soil conditioner and soil improver. It is a natural and organic Sheep Manure that encourages worm activity in the soil and improves soil structure. Sheep manure is lower in nitrogen, compared to other manures, so it won’t burn your plants, yet still high in Phosphorous and Potassium great for plant growth

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Performance Advantages

Enhances root development by improving soil structure

Improves soil aeration and water retention in sandy soils

Increases soil humus which enhances soil structure and encourages micro organisms

Increases water penetration and reduces water run-off in clay soils

Requires less frequent irrigation

Provides a natural source of nitrogen

Reduces the loss of nutrients from the soil

Increases the activity of micro and macro organisms in the soil

Promotes earthworm activity