Incitec Pivot No 17 Lawn Food
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Incitec Pivot No 17 Lawn Food

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Well balanced, granular fertiliser with added trace elements. Suitable for all grasses. Promotes vigorous and healthy growth and good colour. Contains essential key nutrients

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Analysis: N – 9.1 P – 4.1 K – 4.6 (S – 18)

Rate: Broadcast evenly and water in well. For established lawns use 50 grams per square metre in spring and autumn and 10 grams per square metre in summer months.

How it works

A NPK fertiliser blend, based of sulphate of potash, for use when laying turf and top dressing lawns. For couch and other summer growing lawns and playing fields apply 400 – 500kh/ha (4-5kg / 100 sqm) three times per year (March, Sept, Dec). Water in after application. Do not use in vegetables or on soil that is periodically cropped to vegetables. This is not suitable as a stockfeed supplement or for applicatiion in solution ie dissolved in irrigation water, water injection equipment or as a foliar spray.